Fine Print


Flowers by Rhi enquiries regarding orders, deliveries or future events are requested to be made through either our online contact us form or directly to our email address

This ensures there is a traceable account and minimises the chance of any miscommunications on details etc.



If our delivery driver cannot find a suitable location to leave your flowers/giftware order out of the weather, or if we cannot access the property or the supplied delivery address is incorrect, and we cannot deliver through no fault of our own, then we will contact you (the Sender) to discuss an alternate option. If the sender is not available, our driver will have to leave without delivering the flowers. A message will be left on the Senders contact number to advise of re-delivery for the following day, with a re-delivery fee.

If your order is yet to be made, then you have to option to provide another delivery address.



We are required by law to have someone to be at your delivery location to receive this order. If this is not possible, we will contact you to seek an alternative time slot or return this back to the store for a pickup at your preferred time.

If we cannot get in contact with you (the sender) or if we must deliver to an alternative address from no fault of our own, there will be an addition delivery fee according to the location of the second delivery address.

If we receive no return contact we will send out a phone message instructing you that we will try to contact you the following day and your delivery will not be sent out.

Why not send it to their workplace if you are unsure if they will be home or pop in the checkout notes what time they will be home and we will try our best to arrive for that time. Please note we are unable to do deliveries after 4:30pm.



If our delivery driver has attempted more than once to deliver or re-deliver an order, or if we cannot get in contact with you at no fault of our own, the customer will be liable. The customer will be liable to lose the full amount of their order if it has been attempted to be delivered and/or endure an additional re-delivery fee in the situation of your order has been deemed as undeliverable by us.


Situations such as but not limited to;

  • Patient who has already been discharged from hospital.
  • Business premises are locked, and no one is on site
  • Houses/Units/Buildings with restricted access and no one home
  • Houses with no shelter to leave arrangement from the weather and no one is home.
  • Any other situation where we are unable to deliver your order safely and securely.

We are able to change the delivery location of arrangements when they are to be re-delivered. We will, however, charge additional delivery fee on top of the original fee if the area falls outside of the original delivery town that you were charged for. Re-delivery for same day will also depend of our availability.

If you have any questions regarding delivery times, please send us an email prior to ordering or call the store directly on 0449 292 933 and our team will be happy to help you out.



Any concerns or complaints must be made within 48 hours of delivery direct to our store via telephone or in person. If your complaint relates to the quality of your flowers, please ensure you have photos to provide us and please let us know sooner rather than later as this can affect the information that we can pass onto our supplier’s timeframes.