The Nest Book Subscription Boxes

  • $69.95

the nest book club

transport yourself to a place where time doesn’t matter, where you can relax and immerse yourself in stories from prominent fiction writers. switch off your phone, turn netflix off and find somewhere cosy to nest into with a top-rated paperback book. seriously, what could be better? 


we have created The Nest because this is exactly what we love to do. each box comes with a beautiful paperback novel, a box of tea, some chocolate and a little something to pamper yourself with - maybe a candle, maybe a bath bomb... each month we switch it up! 

we select books based on personal recommendations, goodreads reviews and best seller charts. each month the book will be a surprise, but be rest assured it will be fantastic! 

Once Off Book Boxes will be sent out as the current 'book of the month' until sold out. We have a great range of 'once off' books that will replace the BOTM when sold out. 

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