Oh, Spring. You wonderful, windy season you. The days start getting longer, the sun starts shining a little bit more, and flowers start blooming like crazy. September & October are also peak birthday months, so what better excuse to spoil a special someone than with some stunning flowers?

What can you expect to find around this time of year? Here is a little compilation of my favourite spring-time blooms: 


These beautiful blooms are very reminiscent of poppies, and they come in such a wide variety of colours making them perfect to add to an arrangement or to use on their own to fill a vase.



Single or double petalled, either way these little blooms are something else. Rose or peony-like in appearance, they are right at home in any classy arrangement and look perfect in bridal bouquets.  



A relatively little-known flower, but very striking & unusual all the same. They add an element of texture & interest to any arrangement they're in. These pretty little blooms come in blue, mauve or white & are also known as 'Love-in-the-Mist'


Geraldton Wax. 

One of my all time faves, this sweet little flower is so unassuming but so beautiful & effective in all types of arrangements. Native to the WA wildflower region & available in a wide range of striking colours, from creamy white to deep purple. The waxy petals and woody stems make for a long lasting bloom.



These NSW natives have a very short but oh-so-sweet season and are available in a rich red or creamy white colour. They have a beautiful texture & shape and are a fantastic example of our wonderful Australian natives. 



What would a spring-time blog post be without the quintessential spring-time flower? Peonies are at their peak in Australia from late October-late November and are especially favoured by brides who are tying the knot at this time of year. Unfortunately their vase life isn't amazing, but hey, they're here for a good time - not a long time.