Real Wedding | Caitlin & Meleah, 1st April 2017

‘The best kind of love is the kind that awakens the soul, that makes us reach for more, that plants a fire in our hearts & brings peace to our minds’ - The Notebook

Caitlin & Meleah’s wedding was one of the very rare ones that I didn’t meet the brides beforehand, and one where I knew straight away that I absolutely wanted to create for. Caitlin put 100% of her trust in me and let me have complete creative control, which of course I just love and admire anyone for. 

Caitlin & Meleah married on the 1st April at Bonnie Brae in Flynn, a picturesque barn on acres of beautiful farmland in the heart of Gippsland.  

Here is their story -   

How did you & Meleah meet?  

Some years ago on the track at Stadium 34, when I joined the local roller derby club – Meleah quietly and modestly (literally) skated rings around the rest of us. I was in total awe from the beginning.

It was years later that we formed an inseparable friendship and life changingly fell in love.


How did the proposal happen?  

We had picked rings pretty early on when popping in to visit our dear friend Harmonie at her jewellery store in Moe. We both remember that day, it was just no big thing – we saw each others ring and that was that. We decided to do a layby kind of arrangement and see where we were by the time we paid them off together.

By the time that day came, we were both impatient to surprise the other first.

I proposed first – on a team roller derby trip to Daylesford – orchestrating both of our families from all over Victoria and Gippsland, sneaking them in around Meleah, and ultimately interrupting mid- game to drop to one knee to propose to Meleah in front of our team mates, family and beloved roller derby community. Meleah took less than 24 hours of arriving home to propose to me so perfectly, at home with our animals, just us – just totally the moment every girl hopes for.


What is your favourite memory of the day?  

We each entered at the same time from opposing sides of the stunning Bonnie Brae Barn. It felt like we had been holding our breath until that moment. Seeing Meleah come around that corner just stunned me and I felt an immense calm knowing I’d be by her side in a matter of moments. My knees buckled underneath me I was overwhelmed at how beautiful she was, and how happy I was to be there in that moment with her. It was like a rush of relief and total certainty, like ‘there she is’ and that was right where we were meant to be. I will never forget that moment. 


What advice or wise words do you have for other newlyweds-to-be?   

The best thing we were ever told was to write a list early on, be ruthless in preserving a day that is about your relationship, not everyone elses. This was really freeing – we had a smaller wedding, but truly only invited people who KNEW us, and contributed to our lives in a regular and meaningful way. We never worries about those courtesy invitations – the people you think you ‘should’ invite and it was just so totally wonderful. Doing this also meant we could have everything we wanted without regard for anyone else’s opinions, and ended up with our perfect day – not something we think can honestly be achieved very easily for most newly weds. Be selfish. Have the food you want, the photographer, the dress, the flowers, venue and people you want. Our day was full of rich memories and total joy because we didn’t get lost in formality or rushing around to please anybody else. We really hope others take the time to ask yourself who you’re doing it for because that gave us the best day of our lives. 


All photos by the beautifully talented Hailey of One Spoon Two Spoon. 

Hailey is quickly making a name for herself as a wedding photographer who specialises in a candid, natural style that captures the essence, joy and love of telling your love story.  See some more of her work here