To Plant a Seed

Words by Bon - Garden Wizard :)

I am near on bursting with excitement that it's Spring. Now that the frost worry has passed it's time to get your seeds organised and planted.

I love growing fruit and vegetables for my family and have learnt that flowers are the best addition to any garden to help with the following

  • attract bees and beneficial bugs to the garden and repel "bad" bugs
  • they can be edible 
  • most importantly they are a beautiful addition to any garden.

There are many gorgeous flowers to plant now but my favourite five are cornflowers, marigold, cosmos, zinnias and poppies. These five are easy to grow and I guarantee no matter how many you plant, you will wish you planted double the amount.


Cornflowers in my opinion are the sprinkles of the garden. Bees are very attracted to purples and blues but cornflowers also come in hot pink, baby pink, white, almost black and mixed colour petals. We are always sprinkling the petals over meals or tucking flowers for decoration behind my daughters ear or in her ponytail and they are a fantastic cut flower. 

Plant: either directly or in punnets
Edible: petals yes!!
Plant: in groups as they help hold each other up and we usually add a few small bamboo stakes for support.



Marigolds are the summer superhero. This is the go to flower to plant with tomatoes. Their petals are also fantastic to add to meals. I love adding them to salads for a pop of colour.

Plant: in punnets (my preference)
Edible: petals yes
Plant: with tomatoes and zucchinis



Zinnias are the spunks of the garden who stand proud with their electric colours of red, orange, pinks, purples and lime green

Plant: either directly or in punnets (I plant in punnets because I pop mine in specific parts of my garden)
Edible: petals yes
Plant: anywhere in garden but please note, baby snails love these so I tend to plant away from leafy green veggies

 Image from @junesblooms on instagram

Image from @junesblooms on instagram


Poppies became my first flower love in the veggie patch. I realised the benefits when I found multiple bees on each flower feeding away. There is so many options of colour and height and they easily self seed. The Flanders field and Angels choir mix are stunning tall poppies and the Californian poppies are a brilliant tough shorter variety.

Plant: directly (don't be tempted to buy seedlings as they don't transplant well)
Edible: apparently yes but I'm waiting to try them this season
Plant: I plant in blocks in different spots throughout my patch as I love having plenty for bees but go crazy and throw seeds everywhere and let them randomly pop up in your garden.



Cosmos are my swoon flower. I loose hours watching them float in the breeze and I cannot recommend enough planting extra of these as the different shades of pinks and white are a gorgeous cut flower and petals are beautiful on desserts.

Plant: directly
Edible: petals yes
Plant: anywhere in or near veggie patch

My only advice is keep your seeds moist until they sprout, then water normally. I hope these five flowers give you as much joy and happiness as they do to my family and I.

Bon x

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