Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Rainbow roses... Those colour-bombed flowers you've no doubt seen and wondered whether a unicorn has had a party in a garden or how on earth it's possible to squeeze so many colours into one little flower.  

I've been asked so many times how they're grown that I think it's time to bust some myths! 

They're not grown like that.  

Sorry to burst your rainbow bubble, but these babies are not natural.  

White or ivory Vendela or Avalanche roses are grown in the Netherlands, Columbia or Ecuador and then picked, have their stems sliced vertically then each piece of stem is placed in different pots of dye. The dye is drawn up the stem resulting in the multi-coloured petals. 


The process of dying the roses understandably affects their life-span; after their dye treatment they then need to be packaged, treated again with chemicals to ensure they pass quarantine then shipped off around the world. They could be weeks old by the time they get to you!  


You cannot grow them from seeds bought off eBay.  

Again, sorry to burst your bubble, but roses aren't grown from seed EVER, and certainly not the man-made rainbow roses. Anyone selling these 'seeds' online is a big-time scammer. 

 Steer clear!  

Steer clear!  

The 'rainbowification' (now an official word, btw!) of any flower is not natural, and we're unfortunately in the midst of a dying trend that sees even the most beautiful blooms being sacrificed to the dye. 

Oh, and those brilliant blue orchids? Also dyed. I might sound like a total flower grinch but I much prefer flowers in their natural, Mother Earth intended state, not only because they look better, but because they last longer due to not being tampered with constantly before reaching the customer. 

What are your thoughts?