Wedding Trends I'm Loving Right Now

Just like anything from food to fashion, flowers go in and out of style & so do style trends in the way of wedding blooms. In the few years that I have been doing weddings I've seen a slight shift from the more pastel, vintage style to more colourful & bold bouquets & accessories. 

Here are my predictions for the 2016-2017 wedding season; things I'm seeing a lot more of and am getting a lot more enquiries about! 

Loose cascades

I love creating more loosely styled bouquets with a bit of a cascade and believe this style lends itself well to any wedding theme - from formal to rustic. Flower choice will vary and be selected in accordance to the theme, but we love the whimsical look!  

Bold accessories  

 Photos by  T-One Photography

Why limit your florals to bouquets? This bride wanted a floral garland to wear during her photos, and I loved the challenge of creating this for her. Remembering that flowers are in most, if not all, of your photos - stepping out of the box and ordering gorgeous accessories like this will ensure your photos are unique & beautiful. 

Wild Child 

I'm getting a lot of bookings this season for more wild, textured bouquets of mainly foliages. We forget that foliages are beautiful too, and a mix of different coloured & textured leaves with a sprinkle of beautiful blooms makes for a stunning, unique bouquet. 


 Arch styled by Bride, bouquet by  Flowers by Rhi

Arch styled by Bride, bouquet by Flowers by Rhi

Decorating the thing that you stand under to seal the deal makes a world of sense really! I'm seeing so many beautiful archway decorations and a lot more brides are choosing to do this. Whether it be a small corner piece like this, or full-on all over coverage, they will be guaranteed to add that extra wow factor to your photos.  


Our 2016-2017 season is filling up fast! If you or someone you know is getting married, please get in touch here  to secure your date. 

 Image by  T-One Photography   

Image by T-One Photography  

Rhi x