Accessory Spotlight: Hair Flowers

No longer exclusively stuck in 1974 - hair flowers are back and better than ever. Flower crowns have a long history dating back to ancient times where they were worn as a symbol of status.


Fast forward a few hundred years and they become the must-have accessory for boho-themed weddings during the 1970's.


As fashions tend to do, they fell out of favour for a few decades but have recently experienced a surge in popularity again - and for good reason. They can really make an outfit pop, whether its your bridal gown or a simple dress you want to wear out. And it doesnt have to be limited to crowns - hair slides, fascinators and headbands are all as beautiful as each other and are the perfect fresh flower accessory for any occasion.

You can order floral accessories by giving us a call - all contact info can be found on our website.

Rhi x