In an age where DIY is the latest way to add your own personal touch to your big day and/or save money while doing so, there are things you should consider before writing off professionals. I'm not saying DIY is the devil - for my own wedding I did so much myself (bonbonnieres, invitations, decorations) and it really helped keep us with in budget. But there are some things that definitely should be left to those in the know- catering (why would you want your family stressing about food on a day they should be focussing on you?), the cake, hair & makeup, photos - and of course, flowers. image

Of course a florist is going to recommend hiring a florist for your wedding flowers you say! Yep - and thats because I know how much work goes in to your bouquet - even that 'hand-picked-from-the-garden-and-thrown-together' look that Pinterest loves. I'm going to attempt to bust some myths about wedding florists - I really feel like we cop most of the 'rip-off' remarks that are thrown around during wedding planning times

As soon as you mention the 'W' word, our prices go up 1,000,000%.

Ok, seriously, this is so incorrect. We're not trolls under the bridge waiting to prey upon brides who approach us and then giggle with glee when you say you're after wedding flowers - tapping our fingers thinking 'yes! Im going to be a millionaire now!' No. How many florists do you see driving Ferraris back to their mansions after a hard days work? Zero. The cost of your wedding flowers is not just the flowers (that are sourced from premium growers, prepared and babysat for days to ensure they are at the right stage of 'open' for your big day) - often they also include labour (hours of prep before construction can even start), sundries (those beautiful David Austins need to be wired to stand up in your bouquet - and wire aint cheap), packaging, transport & set up at the venue, not to mention overhead costs like running a cool room to keep your flowers in peak condition, lights (often we're up until the wee hours making those bouquets for you) and in some cases, especially here in the country, freight to get your flowers to us (or for us to make the 4 hr round trip to collect them). If you truly knew how much work went into your wedding flowers, you would think any price is too low.

It can't be that hard to throw together a few flowers.

It's not that its 'hard'. But knowledge is key here - those pretty hydrangea bouquets you have pinned all over Pinterest? Won't last. Peonies? They'll look like that for the days leading up to your wedding but could blow out on the morning of - and then what? Tulips? Sure, they'll look all pretty and uniform for the first hour. Take them outside and they'll start growing in all directions and blow open and look awful by the end of your ceremony. Florists are trained to know the ins & outs of flowers - we are trained to know how to condition and care for and ultimately prepare them for your wedding - nothing is just 'thrown together'.

I've blown my budget on my dress. I'll just have to get Woolies flowers and get mum to do them.

A good florist will be able to suggest flowers and styles that will still fit in your budget. If you want bulk peonies for you and 6 bridesmaids but only have a budget of $300, your florist will be able to suggest alternatives for you - you might need to reconsider flower choice but can still be rest assured that whatever the florist does will look great and suit the theme of your day. Supermarket flowers might be cheap, but they're always placed near the entrance so are subjected to rapid temperature changes all day, not to mention countless people who pick them up and kids who manhandle them - and they are often a lot poorer quality than what you get at the florist. And anyway, why would you want your poor mum stressing over flowers when she should be helping you be pampered & relaxing herself? Trust me, the last thing you want is thorns in your hands, chipped nail polish & green stained hands on your wedding day. Leave that messy stuff to us.

The thing to remember is that your flowers are held in front of your beautiful gown. They are always what the eye is automatically drawn to, and they are in all your photos. Do you really want to look back on your day in 10 years time and regret your choice to DIY over hiring a professional? Your bouquet needs to complement your dress & body shape - we are trained to know how to design a bouquet to do this.

Think of it like buying a jar of Nescafé vs going to a café and having a barista-made coffee. Yes, you're still going to get a cup of coffee. But what's going to be better?

You don't want your bouquet to become a 'nailed it' meme!

My own wedding bouquet. Yes - I hired a florist to do this for me!

Rhi x