Flower of the Month | Lilac

When you think of lilac what kind of memories does it provoke? Nanna's garden in springtime, vases full and scattered around the house? Image from Tidbits & Twine

Seeing lilac trees start to burst with colour in October is so beautiful & exciting (for lovers like me at least!)     They seemingly pop overnight, releasing their beautiful fragrance & gorgeous shades of purple and white to the world. In the Victorian Language of Flowers, purple lilac represents 'first love' & white - 'youthful innocence'. They are native to Europe & North-Eastern Asia and are the state flower of New Hampshire in the U.S. Lilac is a part of the olive family and is a very popular ornamental plant in gardens & parks.

Image via Pinterest

When preparing lilac for your home, be sure to gently crush the stem ends before placing into a spotlessly clean vase. This will help them drink easier. The flowers are sensitive to ethylene gas, so they're best placed away from the fruit bowl where the ripening fruit will make them wilt & die a lot faster.

Enjoy :)

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