Lonely Blooms

Receiving a bunch of flowers is one of life's greatest little pleasures. Finding a bunch that someone has left for you as a random act of kindness? Amazing! The Lonely Bouquet was an idea thought up by someone who wanted to spread smiles to strangers through the power of flowers. Every year 'International Lonely Bouquet Day' is a day where florists and flower enthusiasts from all over the world leave a bunch of flowers somewhere in a public place with a note instructing the finder to 'adopt me, please!' - to take them home or pass them on to a loved one to enjoy.

The first Lonely Bouquet - 2014

Inspired by this, I thought 'why only leave it for one day a year? Why not one day a week?!' Thus began a weekly ritual of leaving little bunches around the town of Traralgon for the sole purpose of making someone's day. I don't often hear back from recipients, and don't always know if they've even been found, but those who do find them and get in touch are nearly always more than happy!


Have you ever found a bunch, or know someone who has? I always love to see where they have ended up! You can share your pictures on social media - be it Facebook or Instagram (@flowers_by_rhi) using the hashtag #flowersbyrhi. You can read more about my lonely bouquets in a newspaper article I was featured in earlier this year, or by visiting the Lonely Bouquet Facebook page.


Happy bouquet spotting flower lovers! Rhi x